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If you are one of the customers using our website, you are bound by our Privacy Policy. Also, you agree to its Terms and Conditions.

Terms of Use

Terms of Service

By accessing our website, you agree to be bound by the terms of use of this website and any associated legislation. Your acceptance of our website’s terms and conditions means that you can fully access and use the website. Any non-agreement with our terms and conditions will lead you not to use the material we provide. The materials included in our website are preserved by trademark and copyrights authority.

Users License

You agree not to store, cut and paste, sell, license, rent, change, share, copy, reproduce, transfer, publicly display, publicly perform, publish, edit, catalogue, aggregate, or create derivative works from materials, code or content on or from that the website contains. You are only given the liberty to download one copy of the data from our website for personal viewing. This is not for transfer; as mentioned before, this is prohibited.

The license will automatically be revoked if any violence of the website terms happens. We reserve the right to eliminate your right to view at our discretion. On termination of the license, any downloaded material (soft or hard copy) must be deleted.


Our data is as you see. We cannot guarantee it will be glitch-free. The result from our website’s data usage is not guaranteed to have accuracy or reliability. Services removal or cancellation in a non-specified period would be without previous note. The use of the services is at your own risk. All products and services brought to you through our website are provided, except if it is stated. It is without any warranties or conditions of any kind. It also will include all mentioned warranties or conditions of the name, sale, and product quality.

Limitations of Use

We are not responsible for any devastation that incorporates loss of information or benefit, date, or any business interference, rising out of the utilization, or absence of our materials. This applies under all conditions, regardless of whether earlier announcements have been made of such damages. Ascertain areas don’t give place for limitation on implied guarantees or responsibility regarding misfortunes brought to you by the usage of our website. These limitations may not apply to you.

Links on our website

There are many links on Barakatalan, which have not been checked or verified. Thus, we are not responsible for the content of those websites. We do not necessarily approve any of those links, and their usage is at your own risk.

Revisions and Errors

There may be errors on Barakatalan’s website (written, photographic, or technical). Data on our website is not warranted to be accurate, and it may be incomplete. We may make adjustments to our data at any moment.

Modifications on our Website

This page will always include the latest version of the “Terms of Services”. We might update, replace, or change any sections of our terms, and we are not obligated to inform you. Your use of our website, even after the changes, implies your approval of the changes.

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